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Eviction (Régie du logement)

Only a bailiff is authorized to carry out an eviction. The police will prevent any attempt to evict a tenant that is carried out by an owner or any individual designated by an owner other than a bailiff.

There are two steps in the eviction process:

a) After having seen the judgment rendered by the Régie du logement cancelling a lease and ordering an eviction, the bailiff must first draft and deliver an eviction notice, which gives the tenant a period of five days to react and vacate the premises.

b) The bailiff arrives at the premises with a notice of eviction. After having advised the occupants of his mandate, the bailiff instructs the movers to place the contents of the premises on the street or sidewalk. Once the contents have been removed, they are the responsibility of their owner, or of certain municipalities that provide such a service if the property is abandoned.

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